Friday, June 6, 2008

AC100 On Campus: ERIC GORDON

I had a chance to shoot practice and sit down with Hillsboro's Eric Gordon.

here is the link to the video...

ATH Eric Gordon

Gordon does a litte bit of everything for Hillsboro. He will be used as a wideout, a running back, cornerback and safety. He will also return kicks.

He was easily the best athlete on the field when I watched practice. He was also much thicker than I anticipated, particularly in the lower body. He strength should really develop on the next level. Its the mental side of things that he will need the most work on. He reads, progressions and maturity must be improved if he expects to star in a conference like the SEC or ACC.


justin said...

Question- Which athlete would you prefer if you owned an NFL team and wanted to get the maximum long-term output from a draft: [an athlete with great, raw talent and an unstable mind] or [an athlete with good talent that can be further developed and a stable mind]?

justin said...

by the way, the previous comment had nothing to do with Eric Gordon. I think Eric will be great on and off the field.