Friday, March 28, 2008

2009 Spotlight: Bryce Brown

South Florida is loaded with talent. This is no secret and never has been. In fact, one could argue that Dade and Broward Counties are possibly the two most talent laden counties in America. The Miami Hurricanes capitalized on a loaded South Florida region last season as nearly half of the 2008 recruiting class came from this area. The much written about Northwestern High School supplied seven top level talents to the Canes.

However, Randy Shannon went across the fruited plain to land one stud prospect last season in linebacker Arthur Brown. In 2009, Shannon has once again left the friendly confines of Miami to land a superstar prospect. Arthur Brown's younger and possibly more talented brother, Bryce Brown, clicked his heels together and traded his mid-western Kansas home for the glitz and glamor of South Beach.

Bryce is a 6' 212-pound running back from Wichita East High School in Wichita, Kansas. The two-time All-State selection should make Miami Hurricane fans very happy, especially since it seems that recently The-U has been missing the playmakers at running back it is used to having in the backfield. It has been nearly six years since names like Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis or Frank Gore were toting the rock. That should all change with Mr. Brown.

Although he is listed at 6-foot, he looks a little smaller than that on film. However, 5'10" and 5'11" running backs actually have an easier time of staying healthy than their taller counterparts.

Speed is one issue that will not hinder Brown. He can fly. Getting to the edge on sweep plays and off-tackle runs is a major strength of his game. Once he has the corner, he is virtually impossible to catch. Speed is not his only asset, though. He runs with great power, pressing and creating the hole if one has not been created for him.

There are just very few weaknesses in his game. He has great vision, balance and will be a threat out of the backfield in the passing game.

The level of competition might be a question mark, however, it did not hinder his brother's evaluation any.

Brown finished his junior year with 2,039 yards rushing and 26 touchdowns.

Here is a look at Bryce. A little Devin Hester in his game...

And a second reel...

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