Monday, March 10, 2008

2009 Classes to Watch: North Carolina

Butch Davis put together one of the ACC's top classes two season ago. The 2008 class was not nearly as deep or talented, despite a strong finish on Signing Day a month ago. Davis is making sure that the '09 version is more like the 2007 class than the 2008.

UNC already has nine commitments. Four are ESPN 150 Watch list members (the list is roughly 400 prospects). Those nine commits trail only Texas (15) and USC (10) nationally. It is safe to say that UNC is off to a great start and should press the traditional powers in the ACC - Mia, FSU, Clem, VT - in terms of recruiting. Six of the nine hail from North Carolina. This means that Davis is doing a bang-up job of establishing in-state recruiting relationships.

Josh Adams - WR - Cheshire, CT (6-4, 200)

This kid is a big, physical target on the outside. He has a big, rangy frame with room to add muscle. He shows outstanding leaping ability and solid ball skills. The level of competition is not great but he simply dominates the smaller defensive backs on deep passes. He will be a great threat in the vertical as well as red zone passing game. He is also used out of the backfield as a running option in a rushing capacity that is similar to the zone-read-option that everyone loves. He should be a big time playmaker for the Heels.

OFFERS: Rutgers, BC, Nebraska, Stanford, Iowa, Maryland, UConn

Hunter Furr - RB - Lewisville, NC (6-0, 195)

Furr is a dynamic little runner. He shows great speed and cutting ability. He has the ability to accelerate around tacklers. He also shows great balance as it takes a lot to knock him off course. He does not have a particularly great power or strength when running, so he will need weight. His footwork and vision make up for his lack of power between the tackles.

OFFERS: NC St, Wake, Virginia, Clemson

Jerad McAdoo - DT - Chapel Hill, NC (6-3, 290)

McAdoo's strength lies in his size and strength. He has a thick lower body that will be dominant once he learns to use proper leverage. The talent is certainly there but staying low and firing off with proper technique will be a major area of focus. The size and power cannot be taught, however.

OFFERS: NC St, Virginia, Clemson, Maryland, Wake, South Carolina

David Collins - OL - Kernersville, NC (6-7, 325)

Collins may have the most upside of anyone in this class so far. Having said that, he is a bit of a project. His main attribute is his brute size. Not only is he a freakin mountain of a recruit but he also works very hard in the weight room. His run block skills are slightly behind his pass block abilities. He walls off smaller defenders from the quarterback. He will need to work on his footwork and agility but should be the protector of blind sides in Chapel Hill for the next four years.

CONSIDERING: ECU, Miami, NC St, Wake, Va. Tech

All thing considered, UNC is off to a great start. Right now, the currently have a top-10 class nationally. Lets see if Davis and staff can maintain that success. Some wins on the field would certainly help.

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